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such a minister. We want a Minister of Educa-
tion who can shock teachers into self-examination,
electrify and rejuveiiate old dons or put them
away in ivory towers, and stimulate the younger
ones. Under the party system the Education
Ministry has always been a restful corner for
some deserving party politician with an abject
respect for his Alma Mater and the permanent
officials. During war time, when other depart-
ments wake up, the Education Department sinks
into a deeper lethargy. One cannot recall a
single British Education Minister, since there
have teen such things in our island story as
Ministers for Education, who signified anything
at all educationally or did anything of his own
impulse that was in the least worth while.
Suppose we found a live one—soon—and let
Mm rip !
There again is something to be done far more
revolutionary than throwing bombs at innocent
policemen or assassinating harmless potentates
or ex-potentates. And yet it is only asking that
an existing department be what it pretends
to be.
A third direction in which any gathering
accumulation of sanity should direct its attention
is the clumsy unfairness and indirectness of our
present methods of expropriating the former well-